Document recovery

Document Recovery

Looking for a company that helps with Document recovery? European Freeze Dry help with this.

We can use our freeze drying expertise to recover heat sensitive water damaged:-

  • Documents
  • Books
  • Photographs
  • Films and Video Cassettes
  • Micro Fiches
  • And others.. Get in touch for more information

Freeze drying is a process which can be used to preserve and recover valuable documents damaged by water. Freeze drying removes water from documents after they have been frozen, allowing them to maintain their biological structure and preventing further deterioration.

Document Freeze Drying Process

Firstly, the documents are frozen solid in order to maintain their structural form. Next, they are placed in the freeze drying chamber and a high-pressure vacuum is applied to remove any air. When the correct pressure and temperature are achieved, the moisture is converted to vapour. This collects on a condensing surface outside the chamber , and turns it back to ice. Finally, a gradual temperature rise completes the process by driving off more vapours and eliminating bound water from the documents.

Freeze drying offers a practical and effective solution for water restoration, but the restoration quality depends on the material being freeze dried. Documents made of a variety of materials with different absorption properties may become deformed as expansion occurs at a non-uniform rate. Water can also cause mould to grow or make inks bleed, in which case, freeze drying may not be an effective method for document restoration.

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