Reducing waste, supporting sustainability

Meals being taken out of freeze dryer

Diana Morris,

Country Manager UK,

European Freeze Dry


The pressures on manufacturers and the food and drink supply chain to reduce waste and develop sustainable processes mount by the day.

Increasingly, legislation, environmental considerations and the demand from consumers for food that is produced from sustainable sources places the manufacture of quality ingredients way up the agenda.

To give some context, the manufacturing, hospitality and food service sectors in the UK are responsible for 2.6 million tonnes of food waste each year worth an estimated £3.7billion.

At European Freeze Dry, we are working closely with our customers to support their sustainability policies. They want less time dealing with waste, a reduced carbon footprint and a process that adds value to their green credentials long term.

To achieve this, we work with them from the outset on existing or new product development, whether meat, seafood, dairy, fruit vegetables and pulses.

Our freeze drying technology supports their sustainability strategy, and the results are prolonged shelf-life of fresh products, reduced food waste, with the structure of the food retained along with the flavour and nutritional value. This means they are ready to be used as ingredients in a range of applications be it sweet or savoury.

With the support of our science and technology, our expertise and R&D, we work in pursuit of excellence with our customers in the interests of sustainability for the longer term.

Ultimately, the end customer wants to know that the super-foods they consume are everything they are claimed to be from source to shop.