Our Facilities

European Freeze Dry has four facilities across Denmark and the UK. At European Freeze Dry we take pride in our innovative approach to providing solutions for our customers.

R&D freeze drier
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Our Danish sites are European leaders in culture and probiotic freeze drying and specialist product commission drying manufacture. With purpose built facilities we assure all of our customers of the highest quality of production.  Denmark is also our centre of expertise for the recovery of water damaged documents.

Our UK facility is multi-purpose and is the home of our freeze dried brands Summit To Eat , Fuel Your Preparation and Lio-Licious. This site is multi product and manufactures meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables alongside offering private label manufacture and commission drying.

We are proud of our reputation as a progressive, quality conscious company. Through innovative research and product development European Freeze Dry will continue to take the lead in the world of freeze drying technology.

We have the benefit of being able to offer production from small scale manufacture for new research and development projects requiring scale-up, through to a much larger scale for customers requiring bulk volume production. We believe our strength lies in the ability to manipulate product performance before, during and after the freeze drying process to achieve customer objectives.

If you have any questions about how European Freeze Dry can help you then please do not hesitate to contact us.