Our facilities

European Freeze Dry has expanded to four facilities across Europe. Our continued growth has fuelled an innovative approach to freeze drying foods and our ability to provide wide-ranging services to our customers.

Branded packaging being filled with freeze dry products by machines

In the UK and Denmark

United Kingdom

Our UK facility is home to our successful freeze dried brands: Lio-Licious, Fuel Your Preparation and Summit to Eat.
With a large array of specialist hi-tech freeze drying equipment, we manufacture a wide range of products including meat, seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetables, as well as offer commission drying to your requirements.

The facility is geared up to producing private label products and a team of experts are on-hand there to help you develop and launch your product in the marketplace.

Freeze dried food on production line
Freeze dry machines


Our Danish sites are European leaders in culture and probiotic freeze drying and specialist product commission drying manufacture. A strong focus on high hygiene manufacture makes us the perfect partner for your nutraceutical applications.

With purpose built facilities we assure all of our customers of the highest quality of production. Denmark is also our centre of expertise for the recovery of water damaged documents. With three facilities there are very few products that we cannot manufacture.


We make sure your product is both nutritious and delicious.

Concept to launch

A team of experts on-hand to help turn your ideas into reality.

Hand-selected ingredients

Only the best will do. Our trusted suppliers provide top quality produce.

Research and innovation

All of our facilities are equipped for research and development, and we are continually innovating new methods to optimise the freeze drying process. We pride ourselves on being a progressive, quality-focussed and environmentally conscious company.


Due to our range of facilities and dedicated staff, we are able to offer freeze dried manufacturing services to both small-scale businesses, right up to large multi-national companies requiring bulk volume. We will review all freeze drying requests, so if you want to discuss your requirements or have any questions for us, please contact us now for a free consultation.