Packaged Products

Why compromise on taste or quality. Our team work with you to match specific requirements. This includes matching nutritional profiles, desired price points, flavour profiles, portion size and packaging format. All this whilst ensuring no compromise to the taste, texture or appearance of your finished product.

Finished products on production line


We make sure your product is both nutritious and delicious.

Concept to launch

A team of experts on-hand to help turn your ideas into reality.

Hand-selected ingredients

Only the best will do. Our trusted suppliers provide top quality produce.

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We deliver only the best quality freeze dried products

Complete Meal Solutions

Expertly cooked, freeze-dried then packaged at our UK facility.

Our team offer a in depth service to provide you with a product which meets your requirement. This may be for a weight control meal, with added health properties or for specialist dietary requirements.

We make it easy for you to get a complete freeze-dried meal product ready for sale as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Finished food packs ready for shipping


Food Intolerance

Sport Nutrition


Emergency Preparedness

Pampered Pets

Special Diets

On the Go ‘Deskfasting’

Consumer Ready Products

The freeze drying process is ideal for creating tasty and convenient snacks.

We will take any ingredient you request and freeze dry it, while locking in the nutrition, flavour and texture. You will get a delicious product that is ready for immediate sale.

Consumer ready products include savoury dried snacks, freeze dried fruit, health and diet products and premium pet treats.

Product Types


Fruit Packs

Pet Treats

Health Products

Diet Products

The Benefits


Stops the Natural Deterioration

Natural, Fresh Ingredients

Wholegrain, Healthy, Nutritional

Superior Taste

Various Packaging Formats

Categories of freeze-dried ingredients

Discover our wide-range of products. We offer freeze-dried ingredients in a variety of categories. Choose from the categories below to find out more.