Food specialist offers options either side of UK-EU trade border

Meals being taken out of freeze dryer

A specialist food provider is offering continued access to its production technologies, regardless of the result of EU-UK trade negotiations.


European Freeze Dry, which has factories in Lancashire, UK and Kirke Hyllinge, Denmark has scaled up its production facilities either side of the post-Brexit trade divide. It will continue to support customers with freeze dried food ingredients, contract manufacture and meal development, utilising this unique position.


The growing company has expanded its staff and technology following a rise in orders for its range of freeze dried ingredients and meal solutions.


Poul Ruben Andersen, CEO at European Freeze Dry, said: “While it remains uncertain whether a trade deal will be in place between the UK and EU by December 31st, we have opened up both our English and Danish facilities to support customers overcome the potential customs worries.


“With facilities either side of the UK-EU trade divide, we can continue to provide access to our freeze dried processes whether customers are in Scotland, Spain or elsewhere.”


Diana Morris, Country Manager, UK, added: “Freeze dried technology can be used to create tasty long-life food and meals without comprising on flavour or nutrition, in addition to bringing new products to life such as porridge bars, noodle pots or baked goods.


“By locking flavour into ingredients without sacrificing the quality, freeze drying methods can also help to reduce food waste, meaning local produce can go further and reducing the need for imported ingredients.”


European Freeze Dry processes ingredients from its facilities in the UK and Denmark, supplying a range of new product development, from long lasting meats, seafood and vegan ingredients for on-the-go meals and snack pots, through to freeze dried cheese for pizza and pasta toppings and fruits for baked goods, cereals and porridge pots.


The range of freeze dried ingredients can also be supplied on a bespoke basis, with new ingredients regularly tested to meet a customer’s product development.


The company recently invested in expansion of manufacturing capacity at the facility at Preston, Lancashire and a new freeze dryer at Kirke Hyllinge in Denmark to help meet higher demand.


The freeze drying process uses low temperatures and deep vacuum to remove water in a gentle manner that preserves taste, texture and nutritional value of foods and the function of food ingredients.


The reduction in water in the final product means there is a much reduced potential for microorganisms existing in such low amounts of water, leading to a shelf life of up to several years at room temperature, without the use of preservatives.