On-the-go pots serve up a treat as staff return to the office

The return of many workers to the office on a more regular basis has already stimulated sales of on-the-go meal pots, according to European Freeze Dry.

From firm favourites such as instant noodle pots to quinoa salads, the freeze dry specialist is seeing a rising demand for ingredients used in on-the-go meal pots, with enquiries increasing by 30 per cent since offices started to reopen in spring.

Across Europe, workers are returning to offices with more consistency, with UK government data showing 60 per cent of workers are now back in their regular workplace. The return of office workers has also led to an increase in city centre footfall and a fresh demand for ready to eat on-the-go food, according to European Freeze Dry.

Diana Morris, Country Manager UK for European Freeze Dry, said: “The combination of convenience and nutritional value make the on-the-go pots a firm favourite. We pack in all the goodness and nutrition of our ingredients through our process and that makes for a healthy snack.

“After almost 18 months of remote working, employees returning to the office are finding it easier again to pick up on-the-go meals for a quick lunch so they can enjoy a nutritious, tasty meal that is ready to eat in minutes.

“Retailers will also be looking at new ways to make food-to-go affordable through new promotions and capitalising on the popularity of the grab and go meal deal. Similarly, people’s diets and requirements have changed and we are constantly working with suppliers to produce nutrition heavy meals packed with additional protein or containing new plant-based ingredients and formulations.”

European Freeze Dry manufactures a diverse range of ingredients including carefully selected vegetables, pulses and meats ideal for noodle pots, while the freeze-drying process creates long life ambient product which preserve all the flavours and goodness, making noodle pots tasty and nutritious while remaining 100 per cent natural.